Side Effects of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections

Side Effects of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections

Youngsters are trying every possible way to lighten their skin tone, from home remedies to gulping down pills. Advanced techniques have also given rise to whitening injections that comprise a major ingredient – Glutathione. It is administered intravenously to deposit evenly throughout the body delivering a radiant glow. In addition to slowing down the ageing process, these injections also have their own share of side effects. If you are thinking of undergoing this whitening treatment, brush up on possible side effects that you may encounter during the process. Everything is not rosy. Performed under professional supervision and the right dosage, these injections can’t be life-threatening.

Why People Are Crazy About It?

Overcoming all are other skin procedures, Glutathione Skin-Whitening Injections is itself a multi-billion dollar industry.  Cosmetic doctors are using whitening products containing glutathione on a daily bases. It is just because of the systemic creation of unawareness by companies and even doctors. They are considering it a way of their earnings. They never want their clients to come to know about the adverse effects of this drug. Most of the people undergoing this treatment are uninformed and heedless about its mode of action.

But . . .

There is a saying by a brainy dermatologist regarding skin care treatments:

“If it is giving instant results, there is probably something wrong somewhere…if it is giving instant results and is not recommended by a healthcare authority, there is DEFINITELY something wrong somewhere!”

Whitening Injections Leading To Various Diseases:

Your foremost duty is to look for a procedure handled by a certified doctor. This may help you and your practitioner in reducing the risks associated with the injections. Treatment performed with unhygienic equipment can cause severe infections and diseases that are discussed below:

  1. HIV and Hepatitis C:

Researches and previous evidences have shown that the use of non-sterile needles and using the same needle on more than one individual may cause HIV or Hepatitis C. Before going for any cosmetic treatment, it’s the first responsibility of the doctor to use sterilized apparatus.

  1. Embolus:

While injecting the lightening substance, double-check to make your syringes air free. Sometimes a condition commonly called as embolus arises because of injecting air with the injection.

  1. Kidney Failure:

A medical survey has also reported cases of kidney failure, dysfunction, kidney stones, and abdominal pain. If you want to go with the procedure, consult your doctor or consultant first. During your consultation, he will ask you some questions regarding your medical history. LFT’s and RFT’s are advised to avoid such conditions.

  1. Skin Cancer:

People who receive injections frequently or more than 3 times a week may also suffer skin cancer due to the high dosage of injected or Side Effects of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injections. Itching, burning sensation, irritation, rashes, and swollen skin are some of the minor side-effects that the candidates of sensitive skin face.

  1. Disturbed Metabolism:

Whitening ingredient is never injected directly. It is always mixed with vitamin C and diluted with distilled water. Injecting a high quantity of vitamin C disturbs the metabolism of the body. Normally, the body requires 40mg of vitamin C per day. Therefore, it also interferes with the body’s metabolism.


Very little pieces of evidence and limited information establish the efficacy and safety of glutathione injections. Based on possible risk factors and overall lack of medical need, we would like to recommend you think carefully before undertaking lightening treatment. It’s always better to save your health, time and money by opting for natural remedies instead of using whitening injections. Peer pressure, media, and advertisement are diverting the mind of people especially females to hate their bodies, hairs, skins, and personalities. As a result, they are trying to alter physical appearances by spending a huge amount of money on things that either work temporarily or don’t work at all. So, still, if you want to get skin whitening injections, you need to stop and think twice. It is really worth wasting money? Is it fair enough to put yourself in the possibility of known harmful effects? The answer is straight NO!

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