Tummy Tuck Surgery

It is a common cosmetic treatment that is performed on people who have much flab and excess skin on their abdomen. Therefore, Tummy Tuck in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is also called “Abdominoplasty”. This surgical procedure involves a simple technique of removing unwanted fat and skin in order to flatten the abdomen and to tighten the muscles in the abdominal wall. The main purpose is to improve the appearance of mid-section by making the stomach flatter, tighter and smaller.

Results and Benefits:


  • Involves an outpatient procedure
  • Gives a firmer and flatter abdomen
  • Improves the belly shape for years to come
  • Grants a better toned and well-contoured belly
  • Tightens abdominal muscles and eliminates sagging skin
  • Corrects protruding belly by leaving the mid-section flatter
  • Delivers you a more youthful look in clothes and swim-wear
  • Helps you feel more self-assured and comfortable in your new body shape


When performed by a skillful surgeon, Tummy Tuck Treatment helps you enjoy a slimmer body figure. The results of this life-changing procedure make you look and feel better every day. You will be advised to maintain your weight as weight gain can negatively affect your resulting outcomes. It may cause the muscles or skin to lax and stretch back out. You must keep in mind that this cosmetic procedure often results in a visible scar that can be hidden by clothing. However, another treatment called scar revision may help you in getting rid of the scars. The results are considered permanent.

Who Is Candidate?

A very large number of people including both males and females are considering Tummy Tuck as well as in other countries of the world. If you also want to get the procedure done then you must fulfill a few of the requirements for an ideal candidacy.  These requirements are usually observed during your consultation with our cosmetic surgeon. You can be a good candidate if:

  • You have good general well-being
  • Your belly sticks out even you have a good body shape
  • You have loose abdominal muscles and skin due to several pregnancies
  • Your body has undergone dramatic changes due to weight loss or pregnancy
  • You were once a victim of obesity and still have excess fat and skin around your belly

Aim of Treatment:

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is playing a leading role in achieving the goal of the firmer and flatter abdomen. It compels specialized training and experience to guarantee a safe and harm-free outcome. Most of the patients have reported improved self-esteem after considering it at our cosmetic clinic. If your diet and exercise aren’t working in restoring a flatter stomach than decide for a tummy tuck after enough researching your homework.

Technique We Use:

Among the different types of Tummy Tuck Surgery, the majority of them are carried out as outpatient procedures. It means you don’t have to stay at the clinic. However, you may be offered an overnight stay after going through an extensive abdominoplasty. Following steps are considered for achieving a successful tummy tuck:

  1. The surgeon initially marks the area of treatment to indicate the location of incisions and the center of your torso.
  2. A local anesthetic solution is normally injected that controls the bleeding by constricting blood vessels.
  3. In a primary tummy tuck, an incision is created aesthetically above the pubic mound, in between the hip bones whereas in full abdominoplasty, an extra incision is created around the navel. In the cases of a mini tummy tuck, a shorter incision is preferred.
  4. He further loosens the skin, places sutures in the abdominal muscles and then eliminates the unwanted fatty material by using a liposuction technique.
  5. A hole in the navel region is made. It is made through the skin and further sutured around your navel.
  6. At the end of the surgery, tissue glue, steri-strips, and staples are used to close the incisions.
  7. Often, one or more drains are inserted to prevent the fluid buildup.

Recovery Period of Tummy Tuck:

The recovery time period of Tummy Tuck is quite longer than other body contouring procedures. It requires 2-4 weeks for complete recovery. Most of the time, it depends on your healing capability that means how fast your area of treatment heals. You can easily return to your work after a few weeks. But if your job includes strenuous activities then you have to refrain from such tasks for a month or two. During the healing of your incision, you will be needed several follow-up appointments with your doctor.

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