Hair Transplant Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

The excessive hair thinning and hair loss problem is causing stress and misery in people. People are changing their lives by trying our latest hair transplant treatment. We charge a reasonable price and discount is also available. This page discusses how our hair transplant is changing people’s life.

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Hair Transplant Procedure, Recovery, Benefits, Cost and more


Hair Transplantation:

We use different techniques to address hair loss and hair thinning problems. When it comes to performing Hair Transplant Procedures, we have different techniques that are explained below:


1.      FUT Transplant

FUT Transplant one of the oldest hair restoration technique, it is also known as strip method hair transplantation. This strategy utilizes the stem extraction method. In this technique, small follicular packs are extracted from the benefactor site as a thin layer of tissue. Basically follicles are extracted from the back and sides of the scalp. They are analyzed by utilization of microscope to obtain grafts for transplantation.

2.      FUE Extraction

Basically, FUE is a modern technique. It does not include any cutting or stitching of scalp. Rather than that, it uses Pneumatic Punch. It extracts every graft individually. Pneumatic Punch tool has a diameter less than 1mm, thus it helps in creating very natural looking hairline.

3.      Stem Cell Transplant

The stem cell transplant is also known as Direct Automated FUE. The working mechanism of this technique is similar to the traditional FUE hair transplant. The main difference is that an automated punch tool for graft harvesting is used here. Due to this reason, the stem cell technique is quick.


Hair Restoration Results

Hair transplantation results are amazing. Not only you get natural looking beautiful hairs but also you live without the fear of hair loss in future. As donor grafts are grabbed from baldness resistant areas so they don’t fall off. Normally it takes 3-4 months for transplanted hairs to start growing again. You can also trim your transplanted hairs or you can have a haircut of your choice.


Pre-Op Instruction

Some important pre-treatment instructions for hair transplant are:

  • Control your caffeine intake.
  • Quit smoking three weeks before surgery.
  • Do not take alcoholic drinks three to five days before surgery.
  • Do not take blood thinner medicines two weeks before the surgery.


Post-Op Care

Some important post-treatment instructions have been enlisted below:

  • Do not scratch the scalp.
  • Avoid smoking for three weeks after surgery.
  • Do not wash your scalp for two days after the hair transplant.
  • Avoid the consumption of caffeine and alcohol after surgery.
  • Try to keep your head in an upright position for 36 to 48 hours.
  • For post-surgical bleeding, swelling and pain, use cold compresses.
  • Avoid the consumption of blood thinners for two weeks after surgery.
  • Try to consume prescribed medicines instantly after your hair transplant.



The following people can be good candidates for hair transplant treatment:

  • The people who want to get natural-looking hair.
  • The people with good mental and physical health.
  • The people with bald head, hair loss, or hair thinning.


Hair Transplant Cost

The hair transplantation is, basically, a cosmetic procedure. Usually, hair transplantation cost varies from person to person. It has no fixed cost due to different factors. These factors include:

  • Desired thickness of hairs.
  • Surgeon’s skills and experience.
  • Geographic Location of the clinic.
  • The method used in hair transplant.
  • The size of the bald area that should be covered.
  • The number of grafts needed for hair transplant.


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