FUT Hair Transplant

From very long time, hair loss was a permanent problem but people tried to treat it by using the traditional hair loss treatments such as; homeopathic medications, hair regrowth gels, creams, tonics, allopathic medicines and home remedies.

But these doesn’t provide long lasting results and didn’t help in permanent hair regrowth. But with the invention of hair transplant procedure, people had some hope of getting permanent hair.

But unfortunately, old Hair transplant procedures were performed very brutally and without the administration of local anesthesia to the donor and recipient parts.

Hair transplant procedures are helping hair loss victims used from many years. However the causes are same, but hair transplant techniques have been improved with the passage of time to provide hair loss victims more natural results than before.


Following are the goals of FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • It will help you in providing you natural and permanent hair.
  • It help you in enhancing your aesthetic and physical beauty.
  • It will provide you a scar less hair transplant surgery.
  • It will make you younger than your age.

Candidates of FUT Transplant:

Before undergoing the FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjahyou have to make sure whether you are a good candidate or not:

  1. If you are overall healthy.
  2. If you are suffering from hair loss, baldness or hair thinning.
  3. If your hair loss isn’t progressing anymore.
  4. If you have a receded hairline.
  5. If you don’t have a tight scalp.
  6. If your hair loss causes are androgenic alopecia, trauma or burns.
  7. If you have sufficient donor hair.
  8. If you have realistic expectations regarding the FUT hair transplant procedure.

Consult the Trichologist at the Dynamic Clinic:

To know about your candidacy for FUT Strip Hair Transplant procedure, you will have to arrange an appointment with the trichologist at the Dynamic Clinic as soon as you have observed the early signs of your hair loss.

  • Examination of your Recipient Area:

The trichologist will wisely inspect your scalp, including your recipient region or the treatment required area. Then he will update you about the primary factor or cause of your hair loss.

  • Initial Phase of your Hair Loss:

If your hair loss has just started, then the trichologist may recommend you to undergo an appropriate non-surgical hair loss treatment to treat it.

  • Confirmation about your candidacy:

But if your hair loss has already increased and became severe, then the trichologist will first confirm you that whether you are a good candidate to undergo FUT hair transplant procedure or not.

  • Inspection of your Donor Zones:

For that, the trichologist will carefully examine your donor hair supply, like the back or sides of your scalp.

  • Collect Important Data:

The trichologist will also collect some important data regarding your health that whether you are suffering from any medical disease or not. Then the trichologist will ask you that whether you have a family history of hair loss or not.

If you qualifies as a good candidate then you will be allowed to undergo the FUT Strip transplant procedure.

How It is performed?

Following are the operative steps involved in the procedure of FUT Hair Transplant:

  • Step 1:

First of all, the surgeon will shave your donor areas to make the extraction process easy and comfortable.

  • Step 2:

Then he will mark your recipient region or the treatment required area, according to your requirements.

  • Step 3:

Then the surgeon will administer local anaesthesia to your donor areas to make the extraction process less painful and will extract your donor hair follicles in a form of strip.

  • Step 4:

He will use a specially designed punch tool, to extract your hair follicles from your donor areas.

  • Step 5:

Then the surgeon will carefully trim the extracted hair follicles, under a stereo microscope to get the desirable size.

  • Step 6:

He will administer local anaesthesia to your recipient area for the painless implantation process of extracted hair follicles. The surgeon will also make tiny incisions at the exact locations at your recipient region.

  • Step 7:

The surgeon will carefully and properly implant the extracted hair follicles, into the tiny incisions at your recipient region.


If you want to permanently treat your hair loss, baldness or hair thinning at an affordable price without suffering from the botched results and post procedural side effects, then feel free to consult the Cosmetic Clinic by filling the form below and consider FUT Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

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