Wrinkle Fillers What You Should Know

There are millions of people who, like you, want to get rid of wrinkles, fine lines and find their skin smooth, soft and radiant. There are countless anti-ageing treatments and creams, but few are working well. Fillers injections are another type of anti-ageing treatment.

Looking young:

The lips tend to flatten as you get older and lose their fleshy, youthful appearance. Instead, the wrinkles begin to appear, and the smaller, flatter lips look a lot older. The cheeks can also flatten as the fat pads above the cheekbones lose their definition and flatten or disappear. This causes the face to sag and wrinkle. For busy people who want to improve their appearance, but do not have the time to do a full facelift and do not wish to undergo invasive surgery, increasing the cheeks and lips with filling injections is a great option.


Fillers injections can reduce deep and thin wrinkles on the forehead, expression lines, crow’s feet, lion’s wrinkles, thin lips and scars. Fillers is a protein complex of the human body that produces the fibres needed by our body. The main purpose is to support bones, skin, cartilage and blood vessels.

The ideal people for this type of treatment are those aged 35 to 60 years. You should not take this type of treatment if you are pregnant if you have allergies to products of the bovine origin or other medical conditions.


Fillers injections are performed without anesthesia. The doctor must be a professional, knowing how to choose the injection points, which is essential to the success of the treatment.

The discomfort associated with the injection is minimal.

However, you should consult your dermatologist so that he can assess the severity of your problem and if you are in a position to receive this type of treatment.

Be careful with anti-wrinkle creams that contain alcohols because they dry out the skin and can cause more wrinkles.

There are natural anti-wrinkle creams that can increase production in the body. These naturally reduce wrinkles without the need for surgery or risky treatment.

Increasing the cheeks and lips is an excellent choice for those seeking to minimize or eliminate the facial signs of ageing. For a minimally invasive type of procedure, the use of Fillers injections rather than permanent implants may be a very viable option. Fillers, which may be excess body fat or hyaluronic such as Perlane, Radiesse and Juvederm, are injected into the lips or cheeks to improve the overall contour of the face.

These operations may be performed separately or together, and additional procedures may also be added to the package if necessary. It is important to consult your certified plastic surgeon to decide which procedures are right for you and the amount of treatment required for achieving the desired results. Your surgeon can answer all your questions during your consultation. If your surgeon agrees, increasing with filling injections is a short and relatively painless procedure with immediate results. The recovery time is minimal, so are the risks, and the cost is less than a conventional facelift, and soon you will have that look younger than you missed.


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